Fly Fly Corporate

Fly Fly Travel's corporate sector deals with the provision of services to legal entities that need to book airline tickets, hotel accommodation, transfers and other travel related services. Corporate sector agents seek to reach the most suitable options for the client as soon as possible.
We do our 'creative' search for airplanes with the aim of finding the best possible options, whether it means issuing multiple tickets in one direction, issuing separate tickets to companies that are impossible to combine in one map, the recommendation of alternative airports, or a combination with low cost airlines Our Call Center serves clients 00-24h We provide a loyalty program for all companies that use our services. For each purchased card, you get a certain number of points that you can later use for some of the many benefits we offer.
We have the most modern systems that save time and money for clients. We are committed to following global trends in business travel to always provide the customer with the best service.
Each of our passengers who has a ticket from Belgrade, at Nikola Tesla Airport, receive our Fly Snack package a year ago.
More information can be found on our Fly Fly Coporate website        FlyFlyCorporate