About the Company

About the Company

Fly Fly Travel has been with you since 2009, when we started our mission to bring super cheap airline tickets closer to everyone. We have strengthened our brand in the aviation industry and tourism, with a primary focus on selling airline tickets. In addition, our agency offers various types of travel packages and cruises.

As a successful name, we got the trust of many airlines, which over the years choose us as authorized agents for ticket sales, but also as representatives at the airport, with the supervision of reception and dispatch of aircraft. The first company that we have represented was the Swiss company Sky Work, followed by names from the world of civil aviation: Mistral Air, Pegasus Airlines, Olympic Airlines, Belavia Airlines, TAP Portugal, and Tarom Air.

In addition, we have been working hard on expanding our own sales network in the region, and the result is the opening of a Fly Fly Travel representative office in Podgorica, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Rijeka, Vienna, and Ljubljana.

“The vision of Fly Fly Travel is that our name becomes the most important synonym for airline ticket and travel arrangements in the area of operation, that the company grows into the leading company for providing services in the areas of aviation and tourism. to the leading company for providing services in the areas of aviation and tourism. This includes the development of sales, education in aviation, magazine about aviation, organizing a civil aviation fair and the expansion of the branch network with the aim to become a leader in the retail market in Serbia, and later the region. Opening our own airline, firstly for charter, and later on scheduled flights, is the ultimate goal.”

We are the only travel agency that has its own magazine, Fly & Travel Inflight Magazine, dedicated primarily to tourism and civil aviation, and each new month this bilingual edition contains reports from trips, interesting facts about various world destinations and news from the world of tourism, technology, science, motorsports and more.

The success of our brand has been recognized by other individuals who have joined us as part of Fly franchise, the reflection of our quality business and positioning in the market. We own franchised units In Serbia and in the region.

We have also founded Fly Academy, a training centre for civil aviation personnel, whose comprehensive program prepares individuals for potential employment in all major world airlines.

In August 2015, our family was joined by Fly Fly Shop, the only shop in Serbia and the region specialised in selling model airplanes. Apart from model planes, the shop offers a variety of travel accessories.

We are proud of the fact that we have two innovative products that also make us unique. Fly App is the first free mobile application for searching cheap tickets in Serbia and the region. And Fly Snack is a package of sweet and savoury products of Swisslion Takovo company, a gift given to all our passengers.

We are regular participants of all relevant tourism fairs around the world, so we follow all the current trends in our business.