Excellent SME Serbia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia awarded us the “Excellent SME Serbia” certificate for business excellence. This certificate represents a recognition of the great business which the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia awards in cooperation with the international rating company COFACE. The main objective of the certificate is to increase transparency in the market, to promote good small and medium-sized enterprises, and to increase confidence and trust in the business, so that customers and business partners can make easier and faster decisions with less risk.

Vip BizPartner 2014

In January of 2015, the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Vip Mobile and agency Chapter 4 have awarded us with the Vip BizPartner 2014 acknowledgment for one of the most successful family companies.

Brand Leader Award

In September 2015, Fly Fly Travel won the „Brand Leader Award 2015“ for the best travel agency in South East Europe in the field of air ticket sales. „Brand Leader Award“ is a prestigious award given only to leaders in their field of activity, based on innovation, the degree of market recognition, and the positioning of an authentic product.

This success was repeated the following year, since Fly Fly Travel won the recognition Brand Leader Award 2016 for the second year in a row, awarded by the expert collegiate of the 6th Business conference Tourism market of South East Europe – SEET 2016.

For the third year
in a row, this award was given to us at the seventh SEET Business
Conference in 2017 "Tourist Market of South-East Europe".

Golden tourist heart

In November 12, 2015, at Hotel Slavija within the International Festival of hospitality, tourism and wine UGOTURVIN, Fly Fly Travel received the “Golden tourist heart” for the best travel agency of South East Europe.

Fly Fly Travel was again awarded the title of the best travel agency of South East Europe in May 2016, within the award ceremony for the Tourist Oscar of Mediterranean and South East Europe - Golden Tourist Heart Sacen International.

Within the tourist action “We choose the most successful in tourism of Mediterranean and South East Europe”, Sacen International announced Fly Fly Travel for the best travel agency of the Mediterranean and South East Europe.

Serbian Brend 2016

In early 2016, at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, the Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy from Brussels awarded Fly Fly Travel with “Serbian Brend 2016” for the best travel agency within its campaign for the affirmation of Serbian values and the spreading of a positive image of Serbia abroad.

Turkish Airlines award for the largest growth in airline ticket sales

Turkish Airlines awarded us for the largest growth in airline ticket sales during
the year 2015, as one of the companies with which it had the best cooperation during that year.

Vienna Oscar of popularity

Fly Fly Travel has, after less than a month of operations at the territory of Austria, in
May 2016 won the award for the best travel agency, awarded by the Vienna Oscar
of popularity. This is Fly Fly Travel’s first award outside of Serbia and as such has great significance,
since it shows that the company’s quality is not only recognized in Serbia, where it has already
won the title of best travel agency several times, but also abroad.

Business Partner

The company Mass Media International awarded its true and best business partners the Business Partner 2016 award, and Fly Fly Travel has been awarded for the best travel agency in South East Europe. Business partners and customers of this company have recognized and rated the business excellence of the company, and the award is another confirmation that Fly Fly has made excellent business ventures that include continuous investment and innovation with a high degree of professionalism and ethics.

This success was repeated in 2017 when Fly Fly Travel won the Business Partner 2017 award for the best travel agency in South East Europe.


Top Serbian Brands Award

In April 2017, Fly Fly Travel has received the Top Serbian Brands Award recognition for 2016 as the best company in the “Travel and Tourism” category, organised by the TOP SERBIAN BRANDS magazine and portal. This prestigious award is traditionally given at the beginning of each year for the previous year in 57 major categories, solely according to vote of the citizens of Serbia on the basis of an independent and objective survey. The main conditions for receiving the prize are: familiarity with the brand, superior quality, customer satisfaction, excellent business and operating results.


Grand Prix De Le CCIFS 2017

During its Gala evening, the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce awarded its members, partners, and friends the annual Grand Prix Prizes in three categories. Fly Fly Travel received the award in the category "Corporate Social Responsibility" for free courses in Fly Fly Summer School.