Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Fly Fly Travel has been a socially responsible company since its inception, and its activities take part in the life of the local community. Our socially responsible activities are directed in several directions. In the first place, these are our employees, whose professional and personal development we take care of through training, career development center and counseling. In addition, we behave ecologically responsibly, we take care of animals and participate in humanitarian actions. In this way, we try not only to make a contribution, but also to motivate others to join us.

Fly Fly Travel Practice and Training

Fly Fly Travel is one of the few companies that gives a chance to people without work experience. The company is known for providing trainees with the opportunity to work. Some of our most productive and best employees are just getting the job through practice. In addition, Fly Fly Travel organizes trainings for interested candidates and trains them for the sale of air tickets and arrangements.

Development of employees

Fly Fly Travel organizes internal trainings on a weekly basis.

Trainings are organized on the theme of air tickets and arrangements, but trainings are also organized for those employees who want to learn more about finance, legal issues and who want to improve their computer literacy.

In addition, the HR Fly Fly Fly Travel team also organizes a range of soft skills training (time management skills, managerial skills, communication skills, etc.).

As internal, the focus is on external training. Since we are the most focused on airline tickets, it is clear that sales staff refer to licensed courses to master software packages for booking and selling air tickets. Of course, that's not all. Employees also attend many other external trainings (from reaction in crisis situations to managerial skills courses). Employees were also referring to a range of language courses. The last of them was a Turkish language course, which used both the employees themselves and the whole company, as it facilitated communication with our business partners from Istanbul.

Internal communication and openness to ideas

Fly Fly Travel is proud of its organizational structure, which tries to minimize differences between employees and their superiors. Meetings between different sectors are organized regularly, all of them are notified about changes, and colleagues often meet outside the office. Occasionally meetings of the whole collective are held, where all are invited to express their opinions, problems or ideas.

In addition to these meetings, employees are regularly invited to give ideas. The manager is always in a position to listen to employees and every good idea is realized very quickly.

Coaching and counseling

Every Friday, a term for coaching and counseling is open to employees. Of course, ethics does not allow us to deal with difficult issues, but our colleague, psychologist, is here to talk about everyday problems and to advise employees about anything.

Fly Fly Career Development Center

Within our company, our internal career development center functions. This is a place where both employees and managers can get information on how to develop their careers. Employees together with the HR team are considering the path of their careers, their career goals and the ways in which they can be reached. Within the Center, employees can also receive information about a potential change in their careers.

Fly Fly Atmosphere and organizational climate

Fly Fly Travel is proud of its organizational climate. Employees often describe it as a working, but family environment. The company is really trying and invests a lot to keep the atmosphere positive. Newcomers easily fit into the collective, colleagues easily make friends and continue to socialize outside the workplace. We must not forget to mention that perhaps for a good atmosphere and a worthy chocolate, which is always abundant in every branch.

We are aware of the print that we leave on our planet and in every way we try to make it as greener. Fly Fly Travel company, in cooperation with the Association for helping people with disabilities Stari grad LIVE TOGETHER, collects paper waste and plastic packaging for recycling.

This achieves dual benefits. On the one hand it takes care of the environment, and on the other hand it helps members of the association LIVE TOGETHER. Fly Fly Travel deliberately decided to cooperate with this association in order to help their goal and to increase the visibility and presence of their users.

We want to show everyone that we can (and should) LIVE TOGETHER. The users of the association (most often) visit our branch offices once a week, collect recyclables and always stay a little bit to socialize with our employees.


Fly Fly Travel's branches are "five friendly" with the exception of outlets at Nikola Tesla Airport and Knez Mihailova, due to the more restrictive home order of those with whom we share business premises. In all other outlets, passengers are welcome to come with their pets