Whoom do we seek

Whoom do we seek

Franchisee is a legal or natural person who signed a separate agreement accepting a system of work which now makes its business system. Thus he enters the distribution chain that has a recognizable name. Franchisee is an independent entrepreneur responsible and chosen by the franchisor.

We expect the franchisee to be energetic, creative, ready for arduous work. We are looking for people willing to accept our way of working, our procedures and programmes, which have proved to be more than successful. We need people who want success, people who have vision and who are aware that there is always room for further improvement. Franchisees need to be team-oriented, willing to accept our policies, standards, and periodic control. Experience in tourism is preferred, but not a requirement. Also, experience in running one’s own business or working in a management position in the company is preferred.


Who are the potential franchisees?

-unemployed people who want to start their own business

-business beginners entering into new business, ie, wanting to resolve their status with self-employment

- Entrepreneurs who are interested in new investments and / or starting their new business

- Entrepreneurs in the growth phase that want to conquer the market with distinctive products or to improve the well-known brands