Why fly fly franchise

Why fly fly franchise

Fly Fly Travel is a company that has standardized and tested its business concept, repeatable and transferable to future franchisees. The Fly Fly Travel company has gained experience and knowledge, developed a successful, efficient and modern system of providing services in the areas of tourism, aviation industry, education and publishing their own magazine. The highest standards of the quality of provided services have contributed to Fly Fly Travel gaining a large business reputation in the country and the region.

The main features of our company as a franchisor are:

  • Uniqueness – a new concept that has the potential for expansion in the domestic and international conditions
  • Profitability - a concept on which the franchisee makes an attractive return on their investment
  • Systematic nature - business systems are developed in detail
  •  Highly portable - knowledge and experience are readily transferable to the franchisee
  • Availability - the franchise can be afforded by a great number of business entities


Upon entering the franchising, Fly Fly Travel will provide for you:

  • Retail power of a well-known brand and quality service
  • Assistance during operations
  • Fast, efficient and safe installation and expansion of business
  • Continuous exchange of experiences and good business ideas in the system
  • Continuous monitoring and assistance - technical, logistical and marketing support
  • A well-defined marketing strategy and aim
  • Detailed definition of the financial plans and landmarks of profitability
  • Programs necessary for the operation
  • Corporate identity - the homogeneity of all internal elements.