About the programme

About the programme

Fly Fly Agent program is designed to stimulate and develop relationships with other travel agencies. The program is designed so that all members are equal in the beginning, and for their position and extent of benefits they fight through purchasing “Fly Fly” airline tickets and packages.

This program should contribute to the growth of sales volume and efficiency in several ways, which are fully adapted to subagents. Also, in order to increase the efficiency of the claims process, we determined the agent that will deal exclusively with the requirements and issues of subagents.

In addition, we provide the ability to book and purchase hotel accommodation in any country of the world. Thanks to the extensive network of business partners and the seriousness with which we approach the organization of individual arrangements, we have access to a large number of reservation systems through which we come to a very favorable price of hotel accommodation of all categorization.

People who are in charge of cooperation are:


Marko Jovanovic, Marko Popovic


All information can be obtained at the following numbers of our call center that operates from 00-24: 011 / 218-56-16 and 060 / 747-07-00