Low Cost Airline Tickets

Low Cost Airline Tickets

Did you know that you can travel from Belgrade to various destinations, like Paris, faster, cheaper and more comfortable than a bus? You can, and that by plane. Low cost airlines offer you the option to buy the cheapest air tickets. Low cost airline tickets made the plane travel quite ordinary, accessible to all travelers. The goal of such airlines is to try to reduce airline prices in all possible ways by depriving you of all unnecessary luxury. Only where it is not saved is on the safety of passengers and flights, they are still at the maximum level. The rule that applies to low cost airline companies is to get the passenger exactly as much as he paid. There are no free meals and drinks on the plane, there are no luxurious cabins and classes, all travel together and no numbering of seats. Of course, a meal allowance is possible on the plane. To buy low cost airline tickets, the cheapest you have to reserve, or buy as early as possible, is to avoid travel on weekends and holidays. Follow our facebook page to find out when promotions are organized, which really include many benefits.
Low cost airline tickets are purchased exclusively online

Cheap air tickets are purchased online, and thus avoid additional costs of selling printed air tickets. Once you select, book and pay your airfare, depending on the option you choose, you will receive an email or sms message with all the necessary information regarding your trip - the term, destination, etc. Although printing a ticket is optional and usually only enough to show the identification document (passport) at the airport, Fly Fly Travel recommends that you print your ticket on plain paper, in order to avoid any problems before the flight.
Pay attention to the allowed size of the low cost airline baggage

The low price of the airline has some limitations, so you must pay careful attention to the amount of luggage you carry with you. Every low cost airline company has the exact dimensions of luggage that you are allowed to bring with you as a cabin baggage. Find some bag (usually a rucksack) that meets the standards, because any overpayment is paid extra. The fee depends on the overdraft and may be from € 10 for a minimum overrun of cabin baggage, to a much larger figure. If your baggage does not meet the cabin (luggage) standards, it will be treated as handed over luggage, which is additionally charged and increases the total cost paid for the flight.
Low cost air tickets in our offer

Fly Fly Travel Agency offers you tickets for a number of low cost airlines, both those flying from Belgrade and those traveling from other cities of the world.

From Belgrade you can fly to a number of low cost destinations such as:

Wizz Air
Pegasus Airlines


In addition to those flying from Belgrade, Fly Fly Travel offers you tickets for other low cost companies such as:

Air Cairo
Fly Niki
Smart Wings
Aer Lingus
And many others.

For any additional information you can contact us via the contact page, or by telephone 011 218 56 16.