Fly Fly Travel Terms

Fly Fly Travel Terms


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By purchasing electronic air tickets you conclude a contract with the organizer of the trip, the provider of services - the airline company. It is very important that you review the Terms of airlines and transport tariffs. Read the Terms and conditions of air carrier’s tariffs in the section “I agree with the terms of the airline”. Confirm by ticking when booking. Fly Fly Travel agency has the role of intermediary in the purchase and is not able to change the rules prescribed by the service provider with whom you have concluded a contract of carriage, i.e. the airline.

Basic airline ticket rules

The ticket is a document that is not transferable to another person. Segments of the flight must be used in the order specified in the itinerary of the ticket. Special rules of air carriers apply for each ticket. Conditions of carrier tariff applied at the date of payment for the ticket are observed.

Booking and payment methods

Fly Fly Travel has the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice if the traveler does not buy the airline ticket by the deadline set by the airline or our agent. Duration of the booking you make through the Fly Fly Travel online system depends on numerous factors such as the airline rules or the proximity of the flight so please call our agents and check up to when you need to make a deposit. Through the call center you can find out the duration of the bookings made, and the deadline before which you need to make a deposit. Call centre number: 011/218 56 16. In the case of payment by bank transfer, money must be timely delivered to the account of the agency, ie before the deadline for issuing airline ticket. Please let us know when you make the payment. Issuing electronic air tickets is done upon making the payment, and you get the ticket by e-mail, fax or take it personally in any of Fly Fly Travel offices. In case of payment by credit card you should be a registered user of our online search engine. By paying with a credit card you can only buy tickets for flights that are at least 24 hours away from the time of transaction. This period is determined due to the mandatory validation of the credit card used to pay. First you receive a mail confirmation of the reservation and not an issued electronic ticket. When your card passes the security check the reservation will be issued and the electronic ticket will be sent to the e-mail address that you provided. In case you don’t receive an electronic ticket in the mail address you’ve provided in the next 24 hours, please contact us and check why the card was not issued. Our agents will also try to contact you.

Fly Fly Travel reserves the right to ask you for additional information prior to the ticketing in order to ensure the validity and ownership of the credit card used for purchase. Fly Travel reserves the right not to accept the transaction with certain credit cards that do not meet safety regulations or for which the customer is not able to prove ownership. In this case, after making the reservation, you will be informed that your credit card does not meet the requirements and the reserved amount will be released. For further information regarding payment by credit card, you can call our call center:

011 / 218 56 16.

Canceling, postponing the flight and refunds

Fly Fly Travel is not responsible for the cancellation of a flight or moving for commercial or non-commercial reasons by the selected air carrier. If the passenger himself decides to cancel the trip or it happens that he is unable to travel, the rules set by the airline must apply. For not using or cancelling a purchased ticket, a certain fee is paid under the terms of the airline tariff. Certain tariffs are completely non-refundable in case of passenger cancellation.

In case of visa refusal, the embassy rejection letter is not a guarantee for a refund on the paid flight. The possibility of reimbursement depends solely on the airline’s regulations. The passenger is required to, in his own interest, get informed about the tariff conditions before buying, that is, issuing the ticket. Our agents are always ready to assist you in providing this information.

Fly Fly Travel will refund the money to the person whose name appears on the ticket or to the person who paid for the ticket, for what they need to provide proof, i.r. the receipt. Compensation for the issuance of airline ticket is not subject to refund.

In case of return of goods and refund Fly Fly Travel is obliged to refund the customer who has previously paid by payment card, partially or in full, regardless of the reason for the return, only through VISA, EC / MC, Maestro and American Express payment method, which means that the bank will at the request of the seller perform a refund to the account of the cardholder.


According to the terms of tariffs and the current availability, change of destination or date of take-off, a change (upgrade) of tariff, or paying the difference in price may be required. In addition, conditions of economical tariffs generally prescribe payment of mandatory penalties for a change. Certain tariffs do not permit any changes after the issuance of tickets and only a refund can be applied. Also certain tickets (tariffs) are valid for less than 12 months and cannot be changed to a longer stay than the defined period. The passenger is required to, in his own interest, get informed about the tariff conditions before buying, that is, issuing the ticket. Our agents are always ready to assist you in providing this information.



Different airlines have different rules for the amount and the maximum weight of luggage. Also different tariffs of the same airline may have different requirements for luggage. Pay attention to whether individual flights have luggage included in the price! You can check the allowed amount of checked luggage while choosing options in the fields “flight details” or “your flight” while making an individual reservation. In case you want to purchase additional baggage please contact our call center to get information about prices and conditions.

The passenger is obliged to get informed about these rules before purchasing a ticket. Any additional costs caused by deviation from the rules relating to baggage shall be borne by the customer himself. In case of loss of baggage, the passenger shall immediately report the case to Lost and Found counter of the airport. In case of damage to baggage a complaint must be submitted at the counter of the airline. For all costs incurred by the loss of or damage to the luggage the carrier, i.e. the airline, is responsible.

User privacy protection

On behalf of Fly Fly Travel we commit ourselves protect the privacy of all our customers. We collect only the necessary, basic information about customers/users and data necessary to operate and inform users in accordance with good business practice and in order to provide quality services. We give customers a choice including the decision of whether or not they want to be deleted from mailing lists used for marketing campaigns. All data about users/buyers is strictly confidential and is available only to employees who need such information to perform their duties. All employees of Fly Fly Travel (and business partners) are responsible for respecting the privacy protection principles.

Protection of confidential information about the transaction

When entering your payment card details, sensitive information is transmitted over public networks in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocol and PKI system, as the currently the most advanced cryptographic technology. Data security during purchase is guaranteed by a payment card processor, so the complete billing process is performed in the bank’s and airline’s systems. Not for a second credit card data is available to our system.

Conversion statement

All payments are made in dinars (RSD). The amount that your card will be charged is calculated by converting the price in Euros into RSD according to the current exchange rate of National Bank of Serbia. While indebting the card the same amount is converted into the local currency at the exchange rate of credit card associations. Because of this conversion a slight difference from the original price on our website is possible.

Duties and obligations of the passenger

The passenger shall be liable to provide information for booking that is complete and accurate.

The passenger is obliged to check the validity of the entered data upon receiving the ticket: name and surname of the passenger, destination to which he is travelling, the date and flight time.

The passenger is obliged to approach the boarding place (check-in) and execution of all required procedures in time, no later than the time specified by the carrier. It is recommended that the passenger should inquire about that with the air carrier or Fly Fly Travel.

The passenger is obliged to prove his identity during the check-in and show appropriate travel documents corresponding to the information provided in the airline ticket.

The passenger has the responsibility to timely inform himself and gather all necessary documents, that is, fulfill all requirements to enter the destination country and exit the country from which he is travelling, as well as for the transit destination.

Fly Fly Travel IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THE PASSENGER DOES NOT ACQUIRE ALL NECESSARY DOCUMENTS PRESCRIBED BY THE VISA REGIME OF THE COUNTRY TO WHICH HE IS TRAVELLING AND THROUGH WHICH HE IS TRAVELLING. Fly Fly Travel is not responsible for incorrect travel documents due to which the passenger cannot continue the journey. If the passenger has a Serbian passport, it must be valid at least three months after the scheduled return. There are exceptions for certain countries, so we ask you to timely check with the appropriate state institutions.

All the regulations are determined by the competent authorities between which one is travelling and of the transit country. Also, Fly Fly Travel is not responsible for the cases when the border police, customs or other government authorities prohibit the passenger from exiting or entering a country.

Fly Fly can assist you in gathering the aforementioned information or refer you to the competent institutions for specific questions. We recommend that you contact our agents if you have any dilemma about your trip.

All passengers of Fly Fly Travel agency are required to have international travel insurance. Otherwise Fly Fly Travel will not be responsible for any additional costs or inconvenience that may arise (retention at the border, the inability to enter the Schengen zone, etc.).

The passenger is obliged to be present during the inspection of his checked or hand luggage carried out by customs or other services. He is obliged to respect the customs regulations of the countries between which he is travelling.

When purchasing a ticket the passenger is obliged to inform Fly Fly Travel about his health problems that might complicate his transportation or negatively affect the course of the flight. He also must meet all the health regulations of the destination country.

For additional information you can contact us via the contact page, or by phone 011 218 56 16

Terms of Fly Fly Travel agency are valid from 15 August 2015 and apply in all branch offices of Fly Fly Travel.