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Air transport of sport weapons and ammunition

Weapons are transported according to special and very strict rules. They can be transported as registered luggage, with respect to the weight concept. This luggage must be announced in advance through reservation and requires the consent of the airline.

Electronic tickets

Elimination of paper cards has brought a significant reduction in airline companies costs, and therefore a reduction in air travel prices in recent years.

Pets on the plane

Most airlines allow the transport of pets of small dimensions and weights (dogs, cats, birds) in the passenger compartment, provided that the total weight of the animal and the cage does not exceed a certain weight, the cage must be waterproof and bite-re

Special luggage

Special luggage includes luggage that varies considerably from standard suitcases to its shapes and dimensions. All sports equipment is measured and classified into three categories: small, medium and large.

Lost or damaged luggage

Luggage that is lost is considered to be the luggage that did not arrive at the final destination from the departing airport. When checking and lecturing luggage, an airline officer puts a sticker for his registration. Stickers can be damaged or can be sa

Passengers with special needs

Passengers requiring a wheelchair must inform the company about this when making a reservation. Most carriers and airports provide free wheelchairs and transport vehicles with escorting departure and arrival. Also, this service must be requested when book

Special meals on the plane

Most airlines offer passengers a choice of special meals, in accordance with their needs and habits.

Choice of seat in the plane

When choosing a seat in an airplane, it is very important to know the type of aircraft you fly, as well as what type of traveler you want. In order for a passenger to make a good choice, it is necessary to familiarize himself with the configuration of the

Business class

There are certainly no passengers who traveled exclusively with an economy class that he did not wonder how to travel the most expensive class in air traffic. What are the benefits it provides? To begin with, we want to introduce you to First Class, Busin

Rights and obligations of passengers

The flight ticket is valid for one year from the day of issuance or from the beginning of the journey unless otherwise provided in the map, carriers tariffs, conditions of carriage or appropriate regulations.

Involuntary rerouting - Redirection

The flight delay can lead passengers to the situation that there is not enough time to arrive at the next flight, to be denied boarding, ie, to lose the connection. Cancellation by airlines can also affect passengers. Involuntary rerouting is a procedure

Flight delay

Any delay in landing or landing is most often due to meteorological reasons, technical problems or crowd on the runway. The airline is obliged to notify passengers of flight delays, and an airline officer informs passengers of all his rights in the specif

Flight cancellation

Airlines can cancel their flights for several reasons. The most common reason is a small number of passengers on a particular flight, but you will never hear such official information, as this is certainly not in the interest of the airline. In addition,

How to get cheap airline tickets

Never ask for air tickets directly in companies because they will give you exclusively their own offer, unlike agencies that always have information from all possible airlines.

Stewardesses advice

Recommendations of flight attendants for traveling by plane with children

Useful tips

You can take a lot more things on the trip than it is officially allowed. To succeed in this, you must take care of the way you pack, as well as the arrangement of things ...

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book the card at any time, but the price is not guaranteed. Our proposal is to make the reservation immediately, since it is free and non-binding. During the period of reservation, you can decide whether to travel or not, and the price is safe for


For most countries through which you are traveling a transit visa is not required unless you leave the transit zone within the airport terminal